03, Mar, 2021

When doing the business of doing business, marketing is an item. If marketing is a concept of concern, then taking advantage of the sheer power of video is a no-brainer. With competently produced video content, you’ll have more options to promote your business interests far and wide on a variety […]

Interesting News & Current Events

Reports are coming this morning of a serious bus accident in Houston, Texas involving a Houston Independent School District (H.I.S.D.) E.L. Furr High School bus. We at JEJ sincerely hope that not many were hurt, but considering the boat flipped over the rail of a highway overpass in south Houston […]

Geopolitical Issues

A well spoken YouTuber who goes by the handle ProfBlack HQ has eloquently laid out why Kamala Harris is the female Obama, or in other words, a fraud who won’t dare speak to the plight of Blacks. There’s no way that we at JEJ could articulate a balanced argument regarding […]

The Criminal Element

Oftentimes, when folks are arrested and charged with a crime in Harris County, they have no idea what their expectations should be throughout the process. Top Houston Criminal Attorney Mark W. Bennett is the attorney featured in the following video. In the video, he explains the reasonable expectations that any […]