18, Sep, 2020
Criminal Trials, Criminal Lawyers and Trial Prep

Criminal Trials, Criminal Lawyers and Trial Prep

Being arrested and accused of a crime in Texas can cost your freedom, your treasure, and your respect in your community. A smart lawyer with experience will be able to educate you on the ins and outs of criminal cases as it relates to your situation in particular, as well as ensure that you are prepared mentally and physically for any appearances that you may have to make in the court of law.

What Does Mental Criminal Trial Preparation Entail?

Mental Prep

Mental trial preparation is merely making sure that you are aware of the protocol and some of the terminology used in court. Mental prep can also include coaching you on how to answer questions as well how to gesture if you are ever call to the witness stand to testify on your own behalf.

However, in most cases, Houston criminal defense lawyers don’t generally call their clients to the stand as it will expose them to cross examination by the prosecution. Leaving a criminal defendant exposed to cross examination is something that no self respecting criminal defense lawyer would want to subject their client to unless absolutely necessary.

What Does Physical Criminal Trial Preparation Involve?

Not a Good Look For Trial

Physical trial preparation may be related to your physical appearance. This may include your sitting posture, style of walking, and the toning down of any unnecessary bravado being picked up by jurors. Your physical habits will be under review anytime you come in contact with a “smart” attorney who pays attention to details.

If you have to take the stand during your trial this will be even more imperative as you wouldn’t simply be sitting in chair next to your attorney for the duration of the trial having your gestures studied unconsciously by jurors.

Yes, physical criminal trial preparation includes a lot and we’re only scratching the surface of how nuanced the process can be.

Preparing Your Family For Your Criminal Case

Ready Your Family

The effect on the family, the most important institution of civilization, is often overlooked when it comes to matters involving criminal cases and the possibility of long drawn out prison sentences for those unfortunate enough to be found guilty of a criminal offense in the court of law.

In Texas, one can expect to have the proverbial book thrown at them if they aren’t represented by a smart criminal defense attorney with the know how to maneuver to his clients advantage. A smart lawyer will also make sure that the defendant’s family is prepped and prepared for the coming events as it relates to fighting the charges.

They should also be made aware of all court dates well enough in advance to make proper adjustments to any preexisting obligations they may have which could affect their ability to support you, or in some cases, testify on your behalf as a character witness.

When it comes to how children will be affected by a criminal trial which involves their parents, a professional child psychiatrist may be needed to get the best advice possible.

You Will Need Money To Fight A Criminal Charge

From start to finish, you will need to expend some of your treasure to fight your criminal charges. The list below should provide some insight into the expenses that will be required to fight a criminal charge.

  • You’ll have to get out of jail which will require covering the cost of a bail bond, which is usually 10% of the assigned bond.
  • You’ll need to get your vehicle out of the pound if you were arrested as a result of a traffic stop. This can be costly because the longer it takes for you to get your back in your possession, the more it will cost as the storage lots charge by the day.
  • You’ll lose income by being in jail. In some cases, lost income can never be recovered and depending on how long you go without covering your financial liabilities, some assets may be lost.
  • You’ll need to hire a criminal defense attorney to represent you in the court of law. This can be costly depending on the quality of lawyer you intend to retain for your defense. Being that freedom is priceless, I would spare no resource.

As you can see, fighting a criminal charge requires preparation, consideration of the effect on your family, as well as a mighty war chest. Spare no expense when fighting for your freedom or you may regret it.