22, Jan, 2021
Decorating Your Home With Houston Burglars in Mind

Decorating Your Home With Houston Burglars in Mind

In Houston, we’ve seen a massive growth of new residents, new home building, new businesses, new tower construction for office buildings in downtown Houston, and according to the Houston Police Department and the Harris County Sheriff’s office, a spike in crime has come along with that growth.

With the United States being a cryogenic society, that is a society born as a result of numerous criminal acts, one can always expect a criminal element regardless of where they live in the United States, no matter how exclusive or ”gated in” some of the most affluent communities can be.

Crime can happen anywhere, and Houston’s most affluent neighborhoods are no exception to this rule.

Crime is Rampant in Houston

As it is in most major American cities, drug use, burglaries, robberies, and people looking to make a quick buck, are commonplace making the need for forethought important when decorating the exterior portions of your home, and making decisions about not so apparent circumstances and the placement of small trees, bushes, and security lighting.

A Houston Home Improvement Contractor Can Help

Security lighting alone is one of the biggest factors in preventing criminal acts from occurring on your property. This can help to eliminate the space that sexual assault stalkers can hide in while lurking in following the women in your family, and considering the rise of militant homosexuality, it’s probably best to install lighting if your home is mostly occupied by men and young boys. Regardless of the gender of the potential victim, security lighting goes a long way to prevent crimes such as burglary and sexual assault.

One Houston home improvement contractor I know, that works with HVH Remodeling in Spring, TX, is always careful to advise homeowners on the best placement for trees, shrubs, and other exterior residential beautification related accoutrements on the outside of the home for decoration purposes with safety in mind.

Burglary is on the rise in Houston

Tad Nelson, an experienced defense lawyer in Houston who has represented thousands of men and women accused of theft, and burglary related crimes, has represented many criminals who of said that the only reason they committed the crime was because they thought they would get away with it based on the seclusion of the target area for robbery/burglary. If this is to offer any insight, one should be mindful of how exterior home decoration can come back and bite them in the ass. The same is true of businesses as well; always make sure that your employees are working in a safe environment that is well lit, that’s close to phones in case of an emergency.