22, Jan, 2021
Security Guards Add Value to Business

Security Guards Add Value to Business

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Security guards are highly sought after professionals in most industries – commercial and residential included – for safety reasons. While most individuals mainly associate security guards with the prevention of break-ins, they actually offer greater value to your business, in ways that can be easily overlooked. If you’ve thought of hiring security professionals for your business but aren’t quite sure about what they’ve to offer, keep reading.

Security Guards are Deterrents to Crime

One thing that most people ignore is the fact that security guards have an immediate deterrent effect on criminals. You may think that your property isn’t a target, but such are the opportunities criminals seek. Having security personnel on your premises shows that you’re willing to do anything to get the protection you need. That creates the impression that you may as well have other security measures in place, which deters criminals even more.

Source of Valuable Information

Security guards HoustonHiring a security guard company in Houston like Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc., especially one that is familiar with the local area and the community, is an effective way to get informed in case of any criminal plans or activity. Such information is vital, especially when it comes to the long-term protection of your property. Many crimes are avertable if information gets to the right people at the right time.


There are many ways of showing that you’re competent in handle business operations, and having your premises protected is one of them. Hiring security guards means that you greatly value your assets and would do anything to keep them safe. Besides, a protected business is a clear illustration of how your company is comprised of a team of professionals working together to meet a common objective.

Prevention of Stock Shrinkage

Stock shrinkage is quite common among many businesses every year, and this is mostly as a result of stolen or damaged items. If you feel that your business is suffering from too much stock shrinkage per year, you may want to hire security guards. They can lower the percentage of stock shrinkage in your business by preventing the theft of business stock. Besides, they’ll be there to oversee everything going on in your business. If for any reason they feel that your merchandise is not safe, they can alert you before it’s later.

Human Effect

No doubt, technology is undoubtedly taking over in almost everything. Robotics and automation are applicable in nearly every industry, and this is only expected to intensify with time. While the use of technology may be cheaper, and in some cases, more effective compared to human input, some situations just require handling by humans.

Your employees will always feel safe knowing that they’re being protected by people like them who have lives to live as well, and won’t fail as systems do. That feeling of safety is a morale booster among the majority of employees. Depending on what your business is all about, the feeling can be a favorable factor for potential employees.