22, Jan, 2021
Tinder, and a Story of Criminally Negligent Homicide

Tinder, and a Story of Criminally Negligent Homicide

Tinder. A tool for the 30-year-old narcissist who referred to himself as “Superhero” on Facebook.

Tinder. A hook-up app for sex.

Tinder. A tool that during October of 2014 was found to be processing in excess of one billion swipes per day, globally.

On August 8, 2014, only two months prior to those published statistics, Tinder swipes between the then 28-year-old, egomaniac and his soon to be one-night stand, a Philippine-born woman of 26 are becoming a trail blaze of sexual innuendos.

Tinder has delivered a match to the young attractive woman and its message is unmistakable.

“You look delicious,” is the comment she sees and its sender has made it abundantly clear when he adds, “I want to do dirty things to you.” She has no way of knowing the narcissist has bedded in excess of 180 women over the past four years. She cannot know he is infatuated with recording his sexual trysts and that psychologically he has been described as “disabled.” He has in fact been diagnosed as “Ill-equipped to deal with people socially. He suffers from an autistic spectrum disorder, adequately described as Asperger’s.” This mental challenge can render one unable to empathize or emotionally experience any form of compassion.

She is attracted. The twenty-six year old has no idea she has just sealed her fate.

They meet for the first time in a shopping mall on a busy, brightly lit beach strip where the night clubs are beginning to pulsate with throbbing music and writing bodies. It is 8.45 pm. There’s a distinct aroma of stale beer and roasted meat imbued with the acrid smell of diesel and burned oil as cars drive by, their horns blaring. Young women are tugging boob-tubes up to a respectable level whilst tugging down ultra short, mini skirts. Young men in sleeveless T-shirts with a six pack of beer under one wing pinch the bottoms of female passers-by.

Closely intimate with the demand for fake identification, this is purely a business opportunity for the narcissist and two associates who provide ID for under-aged drinkers. They pocket a staggering $30k between them. The narcissist then meets his quarry and an awkward embrace ensues as he lowers his 188-centimetre frame to meet the petite 162 centimeters of an attractive 26-year-old woman. In fifteen minutes they enter his apartment building and take the elevator to the fourteenth floor. Inside his apartment, he pours drinks for them both and presses the record button on his phone. Session 24 is now engaged and will record the next three hours and nineteen minutes.

She, a beer drinker, is offered and drinks vodka. Then having engaged in several hours of sex with the narcissist, there is no afterglow and clearly intoxicated, it is 1.35 am when she wants to leave the apartment.

She accuses the narcissist of having her phone. They struggle and at 2.12 am, the narcissist tells her, “You have worn out your welcome. You are not my kind of girl.” His tone becomes impatient, sinister but he is in practiced control and as she fights for air, he tells her, “You have to leave.”

She agrees, “Okay. It’s all good,” she tells him as he presses her face into the carpet on the floor. “Hey, it’s all good,” she repeats but her voice is obstructed by the pressure he has on her and he tells her she’s “f*cking” insane.

The narcissist is fraught with anger and delivers a line that will label him forever a homicidal maniac. “You’re lucky I haven’t chucked you off my balcony, you goddamn little psycho bitch.” She is panting for breath. “What? Got something to say?” He’s in no mood to back down.

“You’re a sexist,” she tells him and her voice sounds like sandpaper but it’s the last barb he will tolerate.

He explains in a sober tone, “You’re not going to collect any belongings or anything. You’re just going to walk out. And I’m gonna slam the door on you. You understand? If you try to pull anything … I’ll knock the the f*ck out of you.”

She is clearly frightened and apologizes. But the gurgling, rasping sound of her incoherent voice is a clear indication she is being strangled. She manages to reach for something but he repeatedly tells her to let it go as she struggles to breathe. Whatever it is hits the floor.

Then the unmistakable sound of a door unlocking and her repeated primal screams of “No!” is heard 31 times in 46 seconds. He won’t hear of it as he tells her, “Shut your f*cking mouth. This is all on a recording, you know.”

Outside, as a ribbon of traffic snakes through the city streets fourteen stories below her, the young woman lowers a leg on a concrete ledge. Two stories beneath her, she hears a voice appealing to her. “You can’t get down this way. Go back in”. But as she returns to stand, she appears to stiffen and, wide-eyed with unspoken, pure fear, she falls, plummeting past the stranger on the lower floor, to her death.

The narcissist does not call emergency services. Instead, he tries to get in touch with his lawyer but fails and leaves his building, evading police as he uses the rear stairs in the fire escape. He walks the streets, calling the young woman’s phone which he discovers is in his hip pocket.

It is ten after three in the morning when he orders and eats a slice of pizza. From where he sits, he watches his apartment building awash in blue and red strobe lights. The woman is surrounded by police and paramedics who are perplexed as to why she has suffered over 80 injuries. She has no ID and no phone.

On August 15, the narcissist is arrested for Criminally Negligent Homicide as he is awoken at 10.40 am in his parent’s home.

In court, the Texas Criminal Lawyer ensures every scrap of evidence is shared and becomes an exhibit. The accused has successfully been defended. The Texas Lawyer explains in his final address, that the 26-year-old victim met her death after a struggle. In no way was the narcissist personally or physically involved in her final moments. He concludes by telling the jury that the narcissist was then thrown into a traumatized state, caused primarily by a psychological disorder.

It takes four days for the jury to find the narcissist not guilty of murder. Nor can he be imprisoned for manslaughter. Post-trial it is a community divided for a young man of thirty who is deemed unjustly accused or wrongly freed.

The narcissist, acquitted of murder and the lesser charge of manslaughter returns to society where only months after becoming a house-hold name, has resurrected his tinder account under a new name.

No names have been used.